Friday, October 16, 2009

Playing the Race Card

I've been thinking about the "mad lady" at the grocery store. I'm still surprised by her comments. I don't know why. We hear them all the time in the media.

"You don't like him because he's black," is the comment that bothers me the most.

Am I an automatic racist because I don't like socialism? Could I be a racist because I want to know how much something costs and how I am going to pay for it? Do I hate those who are different then I am because I want to know where my money is going?

According to the woman at the grocery store, the answers to those questions must be yes. Truth be told...

I don't care what color people are. As long as they don't run our country into the ground and spend my money in ways I don't want it spent, I will like them.

"My money." I've said that several times already. Yes, it is my money. I pay taxes and I should have a say in where my money goes - what programs it pays for. I don't like that it goes to pay for abortions, the president's nights out with his wife or around the world to lobby to get the Olympics in Chicago. I haven't even mentioned it has been spent to bail out huge corporations who made poor choices.

When was the last time the government gave you money because you made bad financial decisions? They've never given me money for being stupid with my money. Then again, I never went to the government asking for it. I have this thing called pride. Why would I want the world to know I was an idiot with my money? Why wouldn't I want to work for what I have?

Do any of my concerns have to do with skin color? I don't think so. Why would anyone assume that is why I don't like the current administration and their way of handling our country?

I'm a pro-people person. I want everyone to do their best and work hard for what they have. I don't think some are better than others simply based on their color skin. I see the color of their skin; I'm not blind. That doesn't mean it clouds my thoughts about them.