Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making Money At List My Five

Rarely do I ever find an ad/traffic revenue writing site that I recommend. That changed about a month ago when I found List My Five...

List My Five is terrific! It is a new site where writers create lists of whatever. When I say "whatever," I mean whatever. Of course the usual rules of non-violence, pornography and the like apply, but it is "whatever." Check out the different lists that I've written so far here.

I know there is one burning question on your minds...

Yes, I am earning money with List My Five. Even though List My Five is a new site and isn't getting much "Google love," I am still earning good money there. It is rolling in at a steady pace. In fact, there hasn't been a single day that I haven't earned money with List My Five.

What do writers have to do to earn money at List My Five?

Writing the lists are easy and fun. Finish the phrase "Top Five..." and write. Each of the five points has to be a minimum for 25 words. The introductions and conclusions are optional. I don't know how it could be any easier. Serious lists, funny lists - it doesn't matter.

Back to the money thing...

Earning with List My Five is probably the easiest online writing gig I have ever had. Yes, it is even easier than Helium and eHow. Better yet, my List My Five earnings are coming in faster than with either one of those sites - despite the lack of Google love. I can't wait until Google loves List My Five as much as I do. Oh, the money I will be earning by writing lists! I am excited.

Jump on board! There isn't a referral program (yet) so I'm not benefiting from you earning money at List My Five. I had to share some good news about an ad/traffic revenue writing site where you can earn money.