Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brainwashing My Daughter

Back to the angry woman at the grocery store - the one that accused me of brainwashing my daughter. I would love to laugh at that, but it isn't funny. There are a lot of people who are brainwashed and there is nothing about it that is laughable.

The last time I checked, I was the Momma and it was my job and her daddy's (my husband) job to teach her. It isn't like there is someone else out there who is going to do it for us. The Bible clearly says that we are to "train up your child in the way you'd have them go." It doesn't say anything about letting the government do it or a school system or anyone else. That is a parent's job, not someone else.

I'm not talking about the "three Rs." In some cases, it is best that others have a hand in educating your children. If the public school systems were places for children, my daughter would go to school. Until then, we will be doing ourselves. The education I am talking about is right and wrong - the morals and ethics I want my daughter to have.

Like every parent, I want the best for my daughter. That is why we are installing the values we hold dear to us. We are also teaching to her to be a "free thinker" - to not follow the crowd and use her own judgment when it comes time for her to make decisions on her own.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I want her to be just as Conservative as I am. Even more important than that, I want to her to be able to logical reason what is best for her, her family, her country and her world. I'm teaching her both sides of the issues as fairly as I can, hoping that she will follow her heart and do the right thing.

Is that brainwashing? If that is brainwashing, most parents are guilty of brainwashing their children. Unless they are letting their children run wild and not teaching the basics of living in a society, they are installing values, morals and ethics in their children.

I know I should take so much responsibility, but, despite raising my daughter to think for herself, almost every mistake she makes will be my fault. Well, at least reflect badly on me. I know she will make mistakes. Hopefully, not many and she will learn from them and never repeat the same ones.

That isn't so bad. We don't have her locked in a "compound" of some sort. We aren't keeping her from socializing with all sorts of children. We are carefully keeping an eye on her and her education. Both the "book learning" and the other skills she needs to survive in this world.