Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Escaping the Fairies

We have several new visitors, long-term guests, in our home now. They are Grace Glitterwish, Magnolia Mountainmist and Sophie Bubblewink. They are the new obsessions my daughter and I share. Yes, we found

Disney has a real winner on their hands now with this website. It is fun for everyone. Even my husband has been caught playing with fairies on the internet. It's addictive, interactive and educational. Well, educational may be pushing it, but it does improve hand eye coordination.

The concept is so simple. You create up to three different fairies. You make them look the way you want them to, selecting hair and eye color as well as facial features and skin color. You select their talent, such as animal talent, water talent, tinker talent and the like. You choose a name for your fairies from a list provided by Disney. If you aren't careful, the can sound like stripper names, but they are cute. Then you are ready to begin playing.

You gather all sorts of things (raspberries, twigs, honeycomb, etc.) that you can use to purchase clothing and household items to be used by your fairy. You can even use these items to "tinker" different items. Sewing, building furniture and helping the animals and fairies are just a few of the "quests" you can go on. There are even quests to the "Mainland," AKA the real world which allows children to draw pictures, learn about nature and make friends.

One of the best features of this website is the chat. You choose from a list of words and phrases to talk with other fairies playing the game. It is all innocent and fun. There is also an additional chat feature you can sign up for so you can use your own words.

My daughter and I can't get enough of it. She is a light talent fairy and I am an animal talent fairy. We take turns playing games and gathering items. We both love to shop for clothes for our fairies and making friends with others playing. It is a great Momma-daughter bonding activity.

It is so much fun for us, I've noticed the dishes are stacking up more than normal and my website and other blog are being neglected. Brace yourself for this: It is even getting into my Twitter time. I can't get enough of it. My daughter is learning quickly about sharing and taking turns. Sometimes she handles those lessons better than I do.

There is no escaping the fairies in our home. We are loving it. It is a great activity for girls of all ages. Just use your imagination and have fun. That is what we are doing.

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